About Me

My name is Neil Scrivener. 

I’ve worked in the live events industry one way or another for around 20 years. I am a highly experienced global Project Director, Technical Director and Production Manager. I have worked both on pitching for live events as well as  delivering live events. I am based between the UK and USA.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked on a large variety of projects spanning the Corporate, Private, Experiential Marketing, Exhibition, Touring Concert, Television and Film worlds.   

Having cut my teeth in event Lighting (and setting up/owning/selling a successful AV rental business), I moved into Technical Production Management, as well as Site Management. As my experiences broadened, I was afforded more opportunities as a Technical Director and more recently a Project Director.

I have also worked within large global events agencies on a contracted basis working on best practice, business strategy and processes.

Since I began my career in around 2003, I have been lucky enough to travel the world with my work. I can count 41 States in America, Dubai, Russia, Saudi, Doha, Nigeria and of course Europe among some of the fantastic places I have in worked over the years.