The Freeman Company


  • Creation of a new Production/Technical Department
  • Systems and Process review and implementation of new systems/process
  • Full-time and Freelancer Recruitment
  • Creation of a Preferred Supplier network
  • Project Overview and Leadership
  • Pitch Work (and winning pitches)
  • Project Delivery
  • Company Business Strategy Review and Suggestions
  • Creation of Strategies to increase Revenue and Profit
  • Liaison with offices globally


Between around May 2018 and July 2019, I took a ‘perma-lance’ Contract for The Freeman Company, being brought in by Senior Management to assist on the turnaround of the Agency model and creation of a Technical/Production Department.

The basic remits of my contract are detailed above, and during my time at Freeman I worked in the Agency office in London, as well as closely with the Coventry office. I also worked closely with a number of people in the Dallas head office and other offices in North America and the Asia and Pacific Region.

I worked on around 76 pitches and projects in the year, and took a number of projects that were pitched on, and won, to delivery stage.

My role finished by assisting management to recruit a full-time Head of Production and full-time Production Manager. 

My personal bottom line impact on Freeman’s balance sheet was around an additional £2,500,000 of revenue in the financial year.

The role was great fun, challenging, and I learned a huge amount from my time at Freeman.

I welcome more challenges like this and other ‘perma-lance’ contracts!