TikTok in New York


AMC Lincoln, New York City


10,000 (over 4 days)


  • Pitch Work
  • Pre-Production
  • Project Delivery
  • Budget ownership
  • Team leadership

Project Overview

This was a great little project for TikTok in New York City – as part of New York Advertising Week. I should maybe add that this was prior to TikTok becoming the household name it is today – so the project was important for TikTok to establish their brand.

We created a video wall with 90 iPAD’s which was designed to each show individual content and do ‘sweeps’ across the screen.

I led this project from pitch to delivery, in a fairly short period of time. iPAD’s were shipped out from the UK to New York, with the scenic construction being supplied from Colorado.

Along side the iPAD experience, were gifting handouts and a popcorn machine! There was also an off-site networking event held locally, which I managed.