TwitchCon 2019


City Cube, Berlin




  • Pitch Work
  • Project Delivery
  • Budget Ownership
  • Leading a team of Production Managers, CAD Draftsmen and other supporting roles
  • Supplier appointment (over 17 x 40ft trucks of technical equipment)
  • Multiple Stakeholder Liaison
  • Networking and IT Management
  • AV, Lighting, Rigging, Set, Staging, Power and Crewing


This was the first TwitchCon to be held in Europe, after being a popular event in San Jose with 30,000 attendees per day. I was responsible for delivering the creative, which was designed by Trin Basra, who did an amazing job. 

As with many projects of this nature, there were a large number of stakeholders involved, who we regularly updated on progress, designs and budget.