Virgin Media Speed Demons


Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire


100 hospitality guests

1,600,000 broadcast


  • Team leadership
  • Pitch Work
  • Pre-Production
  • Project Delivery
  • Budget ownership

Project Overview

Just when I thought I’d nearly done everything imaginable in the events world – I was asked to be involved in the breaking of a World Record!

This event was for Virgin Media, in a forest – which was then broadcast during the Formula One on Channel 4. The plan was that we would break a skateboard world record of 80kmh (just under 50mph).

I led the team, which started off finding a skater who would be up for the challenge. We then found Pete Dashwood-Connolly, who already held a World Record and wanted to set another.

Due to the venue being a working forest, we only had less than 24hrs to load in (around 10 hrs of which were in the pitch black) – and it snowed over night! The site was also challenging; a 1.5KM single-track road, up a hill, no infrastructure, and not even a water tap – so we brought all infrastructure in.

Aside from the record itself, I also led the customer experience part for Virgin Media. Over 50,000 people entered a competition; with 32 winners treated to 5-start hospitality on-site and a 2-night stay in a luxury hotel with activities!

The good news is we set the World Record, and the competition winners were delighted – as were Virgin Media!

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