About Me

My name is Neil Scrivener, and I am a highly experienced live events Project Director working on global projects. I am based between the UK and USA.

I project direct for live events (or projects) such as conferences, exhibitions, brand experiential, internal communications, training, incentives and public events.

I’ve worked in the live events industry (and others) one way or another for around 20 years. I have worked both on pitching for live events as well as delivering live events.

I began my career in around 2003 in event lighting, and by 2007 spotted a ‘gap’ in the market for a trade-only rental company, which could offer lighting, rigging and power services. By 2012 this expanded into a full-service AV rental company, with audio, video and scenic. I sold the company in 2015, with plans to move to America.

Between 2015 and 2018 I was living life between the UK and USA, and began working for events agencies, delivering live events. This began as a ‘Technical Director’ and sometimes ‘Site Manager’ – however because of my strong background in team leadership, business, finance and client servicing; I began to lead projects as a ‘Project Director’.

Currently, I lead projects as a Project Director (also sometimes known as an Executive Producer), where I very often begin with a pitch (or even back-of-a-napkin brief) and take things all the way through to full event delivery (and of course post-event) – and often work on annual events year-on-year.

The projects I work on can be anything from £10K brand activations, to $25M government events, to $1.2M incentives for 30 people; usually I am in full control of the budget, team leadership and overall project delivery.

My end clients have included the Saudi Government, Shell, Deloitte, Facebook, Google, Vodafone, HSBC, Virgin Media, Autodesk and Barclays – to name but a few, so I have worked across a diverse range of sectors!

I can count 42 States in America, Singapore, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Dubai, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Doha, Nigeria and most of the countries in Europe among some of the fantastic places I have delivered projects in. I therefore have a large network of suppliers and local people in these locations.  

I have also worked within large global events agencies on a contracted basis working on setting up new departments, company best practice, business strategy and processes.

Depending on the project and your requirements, I can work with your internal teams – or I can being my team of regular freelancers with me. My freelance team includes project coordinators, technical directors, logistics directors, site managers and designers.

As I hope you’ll appreciate, it’s always difficult to get 20 years of work into a single web page – but if you’d like more information on how I can help you, please contact me.